No more “Have you got that?” and “Did you do that?”

Fashionably prevent
leaving things at home!

Images of items to bring when leaving home are printed on the magnets.




School Set



Kinder & Nursery


To prevent leaving anything behind when leaving home

To check your carrying list Check at a glance

To check your schedule and leave a message

Stick them on your refrigerator, so that your family can check them at least once a day.

Customize the message and items Add more information!

Convenient for leaving a message before you leave home.

Quickly apply a new sticker Customize according to how you use them.

Apply new stickers depending on how you use them.

Check out our Checkie! Magnets Channel for more fun and convenience!

Download useful pasteboard designs for free.

Check out how everyone is using the magnets.

Send us ideas for new items.

Share your ideas on how to use the magnets as well.

“A little ingenuity will open up countless ways to use them!”

Magnet Set

6 Magnets

This basic set contains essential magnets that let you experience the fun and convenience of Checkie! Magnets.

clock, key, speech balloon, umbrella, school, letter

→ ¥1,320 for members

School Set

6 Magnets

This set contains magnets with images of items that children in elementary school often use.

smog, gym suit, shoes, homework, notebook, water bottle

→ ¥1,320 for members

Extra Stickers for Elementary School

12 Stickers

Items that children in elementary school often use.
Please stick them to the magnets.

swim suit, caligraphy set, melodica, pocket tissue&hanky, kid’s phone, watercolor paint set, jump rope, recorder

→ ¥780 for members

Extra Stickers for Preschool and Nursery

12 Stickers

Items that kids in preschool and nursery school often use.

cap, bag, shoes, pocket tissues and hanky, lunch set, fork&spoon, pajamas, chopsticks, cup, colored cap, clothes, towel with loop

→ ¥780 for members

Hear from our happy customers, who no longer leave anything behind when they leave home.

Ms. H.
Mother of two (a five-year-old and an eight-year-old)
The icons are so cute! These magnets are really cute and I am sure that every girl will love them. I use them on the front door. Most front doors have iron in them so the magnets will stick to them.
Right after my children started school, I used to write things like “Slippers! Sports uniforms on Wednesdays!” on a small whiteboard, so that they would not forget to bring them, but as they got older, they started to say that they did not want their friends to see the whiteboard. It looks like they feel embarrassed because they fear that their friends may think “their mom pokes her nose into everything” or “they must be careless.”
They usually bring home their white apron on Friday, but as I stuck a magnet with an icon of white apron on the front door, they notice it when they leave home on the weekends!
Ms. C.
Mother of one (a six-year-old boy)
When he started school, I stuck his daily schedule and Checkie! Magnets on a whiteboard, so that we can check what he needs to bring with him. He prepares his textbooks and notebooks by checking the daily schedule, and I stuck the magnets with icons of irregular items (slippers, sports uniforms, etc.) over a drawing that he did, so that he could check them at a glance.
Within months, he started to stick the magnets himself everyday. I was surprised to find that he was able to prepare everything in his school bag all by himself, as long as I reminded him to do so.
He even loves to do it, so I do not have to shout to him “do it now!”

Image Based Carrying List App

Checkie! iOS App

Use Checkie! Magnet Items

in App!

All image-based!

This simple and convenient app is great for children, but can also be easily used by users of all ages.

It's like playing a game!

Select a character that you like, and drag your belongings and drop them on top of it.

Notification with Timer

You can set the app to pop up on mornings, or days for kindergartens, and work. Since the app has nothing to be read, it is great for busy mornings.